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    Android veterans, please add your valued opinions.

    I am finally getting set free from the tyranny that is Apple. I am ditching my prehistoric iPhone and its CaveOS. The Galaxy note is light years ahead of all that is Apple.

    I am not a newbie though, I have been researching android apps for months, and setting them up on my son's SGS2, and wife's Droid Razr as I waited for the GNote. Let's help each other. Here are some of my findings:

    Live Wallpapers: Alien Shapes ( so configurable it is = to hundreds of live wallpapers); 3D fireflies Pro; Ice galaxy; Shadow galaxy; Vortex galaxy; Rays of light.

    Productivity: Documents To Go Full. InfoWorld's Office Suite face-off says it is clearly superior to view, edit, and manage files. Sorry Samsung, but this program is much better than Quick Office Pro.
    GMote for control of Powerpoint and other media.

    Bible: Olive Tree programs are top notch and do not require internet connection. They have more apps on their web site than on the Market. They will even let you switch from Apple to Android without re-purchasing if you register with them first. I wish more programs would do this.
    Holy Bible - the You Version is a great free app with dozens of translations and many languages.

    Launchers: People should quit badmouthing the Samsung's new Touch wiz. It is a great default launcher. Other than that, we are using Go Launcher Ex. Great customizability and themes.

    However this is a subjective matter, and you can have as many different ones as you want, but only 1 at a time. Launcher Pro is my third choice. I like Regina, but it doesn't use live wallpapers, so forget it. SPB looks great, but it is not customizable, and is a rip-off at $15.00.

    Weather: Weather Bug Elite, and Accuweather that comes with -->
    Beautiful Widgets - a great all-round widget.

    Security: Currently using Lookout, the best version without paying for the subscription.
    Gotcha is also great and offers many things Lookout doesn't.
    Keep an eye out for Norton's new program, in beta now, unless they charge too much for it.
    Google Authenticator makes for a 2 step process to get at your Google account. Useful since the stupid 4 number pin code provides little security. Google should fix this and allow passwords, not just pins.

    Permissions: If your phone is rooted, (mine's not . . . yet) Permissions Denied is rated highly, but if not rooted App Sheild works well. Google removed it from the Market because some programmers cried about it and claimed a security problem which is a lie. It has never been proven and the program is secure.
    Users need to inform Google that we insist on being able to control permissions. This whole permission thing sucks - it can compromise security, waste data, use battery power, and slow your phone down while everyone and their brother utilize permission access for whatever they want.

    Flashlight HD LED Among the best of the flashlights and can be set up in Widget Locker on the lock screen making it instantly accessible before unlocking your phone.

    Widget locker- customize your lock screen. Make it super clean or stack it with Apps you want instant access to like a camera, or flashlight, or silent mode. It has numerous themes as well - check the dev forum, and you can use any wallpaper, including Live ones with it.

    Astrid task manager. Good to-do list program but it wants too many permissions.

    Swift Key X Keyboard. Once you get used to it, it is a time saver.

    Juice Defender Ultimate A must have app to stretch battery life (the Droid Razr comes with a Smart program like this).

    Google has a slew of apps that are great. Anyone want to comment? I'm only using Google Earth.

    Mobo Player -- a highly rated Media/video player. I don't have it, but finished researching and plan to get it soon.

    PS: Please do not pirate software. Devs deserve the small fee they charge.

    Always read reviews before downloading or even updating an App. You'll be glad you did.

    ** Please add your suggestions or comments below to help anyone new to Android and the Galaxy Note - which I expect will bee a lot of people.
    02-16-2012 09:11 AM
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    I'm sure most "Android veterans" have preferences. I jumped from my iPhone 3Gs to the Infuse and am patiently waiting for my Note to be delivered.

    • Olive Tree rocks. Hands down it is the best Bible program.
    • Evernote. I am a professor and I end up using Evernote for an astonishing amount of work. It saves receipts, research, student papers, etc. and makes them all instantly searchable. I can't imagine not having this program.
    • Pocket Casts. If you listen to podcasts, Pocket Casts is my current favorite for download and management. I used Doggcatcher for awhile. It is very powerful, but not as user friendly. Beyondpod is also very capable. But my preference is Pocket Casts.
    • Cerberus. The absolute best security app. If you lose your phone, you can turn on an alarm, have it call you, record audio, take pictures, light up the flash, wipe memory, read SMS messages, track through GPS...and you can even tell it to hide itself. It is amazingly functional and well worth the money.
    • Lastpass plugin. I use Lastpass as my password manager, and Dolphin as my browser. Lastpass makes password management bearable. I use it constantly.
    • Navigon. Google's Navigation is THE best navigator, period. But for times when there's spotty reception, Navigon is the cleanest and best navigation app. It was recently purchased by Garmin.
    • Any.DO. There are several REALLY good to do apps. This one has the cleanest interface, and syncs with Google Tasks (like most do). I prefer the aesthetic of this one, although Wunderlist makes an excellent to do app as well. Can't really go wrong with either, but my nod goes to Any.DO.
    • Pulse. If you keep up with some blogs, Pulse is excellent. Google Currents deserves the silver in this category, but it's still not as robust as Pulse.
    • CardStar. I love this little free app. If you have a wallet busting number of loyalty cards (like CVS, Ace Hardware, grocery store, etc.), this app allows you to leave the cards at home and scan your phone's screen instead. It generates the bar code for you. Very useful.
    • Carbonite. If you don't backup, you should. Carbonite is excellent for this (as are Sugarsync, Crashplan, and about a dozen others). The Android app allows you to access any file from your archive and use it any way you need to. Excellent app.
    • Titanium Backup. If you root, get this app. It is the Swiss Army tool of root and does a lot more than just backup files.
    • Jotter. This is a Galaxy Note specific app, and looks compelling.

    I'm sure there are more, but this should get you started.
    02-18-2012 09:05 PM
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    How does Jotter compare to what comes with the Note?
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    02-19-2012 07:24 AM