1. utupelo's Avatar
    I think I might be the first to lose my S pen. Or at least leave it somewhere. I was using it at my desk today making notes and trying to really commit to the thing. I sure hope it's there tomorrow morning.

    I seriously in love with this phone. I got out of a iPhone 4 because I saw the D3 as the answer to my clutzy typing but the all around experience left much to be desired. The display was drab and dull and the camera had Tolstoy like shutter lag when it didn't crash the phone on start up.

    This thing is silky smooth like the iPhone and beautiful to look at.

    Now if I could only find some way of carrying it around without looking like I have a hard-on when trying to sit down.
    02-20-2012 10:00 PM
  2. btheheff's Avatar
    maybe you have ***** for the phone
    02-21-2012 05:55 PM