1. andrewjoo7's Avatar
    hey guys, im a proud owner of a new galaxy note,

    im still in the process of getting used to Android from my apple iphone (i owned all generations of the iphone up to the 4)

    i am content with the phone, however is anyone else noticing VERY SLOW internet loading times?

    i mean come on, i havent been so frustrated with loading times on any of my devices (laptop, iphone, ipad, etcetc) for the past couple years.

    i know the specs of this phone is supposed to be better than an iphone 4, however why is the internet so slow?

    i doubt it is my internet connection because i compared and made couple webpage loading times with my iphone 4. (I am running the tests on my wifi) the green loading bar takes forever to reach the max. i say estimated about 5~15 seconds more than my iphone when i ran a few tests.

    also, do you guys notice the 4g and the 4g LTE signal on your phones? im not too sure, but i dont think i have seen a "4g LTE" signal as of yet..

    Please reply to this thread as i would like to know how others are dealing with their phones!
    im hoping that my phone is a defected one so that i can get a new one, if its not a defect problem, then i dont think ill use android, its soo slow
    03-05-2012 03:36 AM
  2. jeeves744's Avatar
    from AT&T's website:
    "AT&T has now launched 4G LTE in 28 markets, covering over 74 million Americans. As we work to continue expansion of our 4G LTE network, we will bring faster speeds to more and more Americans."

    So unless you live in one of those 28 cities, you wont see LTE coverage. If you go to AT&T website they have a map that shows which cities have LTE.
    03-05-2012 08:48 AM