1. PurpleGuitar's Avatar
    Has anyone found an equalizer app that works for the stock unrooted AT&T Galaxy Note?

    Every equalizer and bass booster app I've tried from the Market has no effect on the sound.
    I used DSP Manager for my CM7 EVO, and it worked great. But since I'm not rooted, DSP Manager won't run on my Note.

    Any suggestions? Has anyone found an equalizer app that works on the Note?
    06-11-2012 01:19 PM
  2. Elrohir's Avatar
    If you are still on GB you could try Volume+

    It worked on my Galaxy Note(N7000) and I just asked a friend with the AT&T Note and it works for him.
    06-11-2012 04:39 PM
  3. seanlongoria's Avatar
    Equalizer by Smart Android Apps worked well on my former Captivate with GB. Try that one.

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    06-11-2012 04:43 PM
  4. rich250's Avatar
    06-12-2012 04:57 AM
  5. tmx31415's Avatar
    Try Power Amp. I use it on the Note and it has some nice custom equalizers that you can set to your liking. Volume+ is also another good app too.
    06-12-2012 08:02 AM
  6. PurpleGuitar's Avatar
    Thanks, all. I tried your suggestions and found that they work fine with all my music/streaming/podcast apps -- except for Google Play Music. For some reason, none of the equalizers make any difference when Play is running.

    The one I like best is Equalizer by Smart Android Apps -- it has a very nice interface and lots of presets.

    But Google Play is my primary music player, and it's frustrating that no equalizer works with it. Is anyone successfully using an equalizer with Google Play Music on their AT&T Note? If so, I'd love to know which one.
    06-12-2012 03:25 PM
  7. rich250's Avatar
    The one i use above works on google play music on my phone

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    06-12-2012 05:44 PM
  8. PurpleGuitar's Avatar
    Thanks rich250 -- I tried Equalizer by SA and, like the other equalizers, it works for everything but Google Play. When Play is running, moving the sliders make no difference to the sound at all.

    It sounds like it's some oddity on my phone -- maybe some other app I've got installed. Maybe a hard reset will fix it.

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I'm glad it's working for you.
    06-13-2012 08:36 AM