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    I am a former iPhone user and now a Proud GNote user and I have loved every minute of it since I made the change. I was just curious how everyone uses their GNote in their daily lives..
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    09-11-2012 08:15 PM
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    Oh my, past threads have a lot us describing this but I'm always happy to say it again. Just remember as I bore you with a LONG list, you asked for it! I have the Note 'phone', and I think phone is too much of an understatement, and the Note tablet. I had to buy the tablet because I use the original Note so much throughout my day and the tablet is the Note 'phone' supersized with a few more features. I use my Note for a lot of web searching. While every smart phone can do that, only the Note lets me do it without my vision seeing double after a while. Videos have more detail, ebooks can be read without getting a headache. I have various projects going and being able to find things on the web, save a screen shot and write on it, or save it to an Snote and being able to quickly hand write information is priceless. The Note excels at everything that can be done with paper and pen or computer and printer. (yes, you can wirelessly print from your note.) I have ongoing information on various notes and love that adding pages keeps everything neatly categorized. I've taken shots of screens, put them on a note, added notes about what I like with dimensions then emailed it as a pdf file to a furniture maker to inquire about custom work. I've tried the voice to text feature and found that works fairly well. Handwriting to text also works well as long as you space the letters so they don't overlap and if I keep my speed up, it transfers a word at a time. Try that feature, the more you get used to it and find the rhythm, the better it works. Same with voice to text, speaking a little slower than normal conversation speed, and saying the punctuation such as "period" and "question mark" gets translated to "." and "?". I only tried that because I'd seen people dictating like that in old movies and darn if it didn't work. I have found that I like Firefox the most for web searching. It syncs bookmarks and history with my desktop. I've used the camera to take pictures than draw on them. I've taken pictures of my gardens and labeled the plants. At first these things seem like a lot of steps, but it gets faster with familiarity. The plus side is that each option has so many possibilities. You can share files via bluetooth and wifi direct settings too. I still find it easier to email things back and forth though. The other day a guy asked me for a piece of paper to write down something. I had no paper in my purse except for a few receipts. Before the Note, it would not be unusual for me to have a few pounds of paper crammed into my purse and a dozen sticky notes rattling around. Anyway, I got out my note, started a new Snote, handed it to him. He wrote the note and then I emailed it to him as a pdf file. Of course, he couldn't read it on his screen, but he could back at work so all was well. He is now considering the Note 2 rather than iPhone5. I used to have to carry a monster size purse, it was always full of printed web pages, sticky notes, etc. And I was forever losing important information because I would try to clean out my purse only to realize later that something I'd thrown out had something valuable on the back and it was now gone forever. I keep what I consider to be running Snotes, I have a short cut to them on my home screen, and they are my to do list with a daily page and a to do soon page. Plus I have shopping lists for various stores. I erase the things I find and leave on the items I might not have found or need to get else where. I never get home anymore and realize I've forgotten something. It's just so easy to tap on a store list and add something when I think of it and now it's habit that I read through the list when I first get in the store and then look again before I check out. If you think it takes an organized person to use it for more organization, that's not the case. I used to be the type to need three trips to the store before I finally remember something critical. Or I'd make a list but leave it on my desk, or in the car, etc. Or annoy someone because I got the day wrong for when we were supposed to do something because the sticky note went missing and I didn't want to admit it because everyone would always comment on the paper jumble in my purse so I tried to trust my memory. HA Now, I just trust my Note and I wouldn't trade it for two of any other smart phone! I hope this gives you some ideas on how to use the Note features.
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    You made the switch from boring old IOS to Android, good for you! . I just recently made the switch from an iphone to an android myself and couldn't be happier.

    I pretty much use my galaxy note like I would my laptop lol. It is so more than a phone... I mainly use it for web browsing, youtube and facebooking lol
    09-20-2012 04:22 AM

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