1. Markus Ferrell's Avatar
    i have the galaxy note for att and when i turn it on it will vibrate and turn off and when i try turning it back it will vibrate and the screen will be black .... has any one had this problem with there if so can some one plz help me
    12-25-2012 09:26 PM
  2. kkmmy64's Avatar
    Try turning it of and on, same happened to me

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    12-26-2012 02:01 PM
  3. Markus Ferrell's Avatar
    i did that what it does is that it will boot up correct but when it gets to the att intro it will shut off and vibrate while the screen is black
    12-27-2012 11:36 AM
  4. randall2580's Avatar
    Markus I assume you haven't rooted or ROM'd your phone?
    01-04-2013 09:39 PM

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