1. johnmoore4's Avatar
    I have tried to replace my USB charging port flex cable 2 different times. I have ordered the part from 2 different eBay sellers. Each time I put the part in the phone I lose some of cell phone signal strength. The new charging ports worked fine but the cell signal became spotty and weak. I was sure to buy the correct build version 1.0 the lot numbers were different from the original. Each time I replaced the old part the cell signal returned to normal, but I can't charge the phone. Samsung won't sale the part to the public and they want $70 to fix it. Anyone have any ideas how to get the right part so I don't lose cell signal when I change the part.
    08-20-2013 09:48 PM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    Sounds like you bought some bad parts. Make sure they are reputable sellers. I had my Note repaired and they put a new charging port but I had no signal the first time. I had to bring it back because they got a bad batch of parts. Now it's working fine
    08-25-2013 12:28 PM

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