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    My wife and I both dove into the Android world with Galaxy Notes last year; she ditched her iPhone and I my BlackBerry. Generally, we are very pleased, have had to send both phones in for (on warranty, for free) micro-usb port replacements; but all-in-all these are still far better phones. HOWEVER, ever since the JB upgrades we have had several problems that have needed working around: the batteries now experience horrific drain with even moderate steady use, sometimes while plugged in and charging will still decline; the native Google Search (with voice recognition) is now so very slow that it isn't worth using any longer (I used it all the time when I was on ICS); and something that I just cannot understand and would like some help on:

    About 2 weeks ago (i.e. several weeks after we got JB) both of our native e-mail icons have frozen with different unread e-mail counts on them. The notification bar still accurately depicts unseen e-mails and proper notifications when e-mails are received and sent. But the icon (with the little orange circle in the upper-right-hand corner that numbers the unread e-mails) has totally frozen. No matter how many unread e-mails I have in any of my e-mail folders it displays "1" unread message on my phone and on my wife's phone it displays "4" unread messages. I have completely removed ALL accounts on my phone's e-mail program and IT STILL had the frozen number one. I have moved the program off of the home screen and back on both phones. We have rebooted both phones (by restarting and hard-resets)...it seems that nothing is having any affect on this little orange circle. I'm legitimately considering an alternative e-mail app, but the non-natives always seem to be "kitchy" and ad-laden. Not to mention, I just don't like it when I can figure **** out!!! My wife also using the "one-look" widgets that lists all of her e-mails from all accounts in a widget...it seems unaffected by the glitch.

    Any ideas? or should we just accept it as a glitch that we will ditch when we jump to Note 3s in the next few months?

    Gig'em and God Bless,

    10-09-2013 05:03 PM
  2. DCDrew's Avatar
    I had the same problem on my Samsung Relay, and found the answer (I just pasted) below. Good news -- it worked!

    go to application manager, then scroll across to all apps, then go to 'badge provider' and clear data. then restart the phone.
    12-10-2013 04:02 PM

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