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    Samsung GALAXY S II (AT&T) hands-on

    They say this;

    "For starters, the European GALAXY S II was one of the best Android handsets weve ever used, but there were some big annoyances, mostly on the software-side with TouchWiz. In the AT&T version, a lot of these issues have been fixed. The device uses the standard Android Gingerbread keyboard as opposed to a Samsung keyboard, which is a welcome change. The email app is infinitely more usable and enjoyable, especially with a Microsoft Exchange account, and the software on the device feels more cohesive"

    I am wondering what the improvement is in the email client. Had to use Enhanced Email on my European version which I hated. Wondering if Samsung has finally stepped up thier support of exchange. Every Samsung device I have tried would not work with my works server address. It was an IP with a ";" and then a port number. I could never enter the port because it would make it an invalid server address. If this is fixed, I might have to go back to the GS2 (sold my European model on Ebay).
    09-26-2011 07:41 AM