1. tunie's Avatar
    They said they don't know why, but thought it might have something to do with Apple v Samsung lawsuit. Made no sense to them to make it available online, but not in the store. He had one, so I played with it a bit. I'm going to keep my Infuse and keep an eye on new releases. Honestly, to me, it felt like I was using a smaller Infuse, even though I know it's supposed to be much faster. Then again, I'm a newbie to Android, so I may very well not have put it through the appropriate tests. Anyway, so glad not to be thinking about this anymore and that the wait is over.

    Happy S2ing all!
    10-02-2011 03:37 PM
  2. eawortman's Avatar
    Totally not true. I bought mine at a corporate store when they opened.
    10-02-2011 04:12 PM
  3. duncanator's Avatar
    I went to a corp store here in Elk Grove, CA and they said they didn't have any either and was not selling them. Gave me some weird excuse like a battery issue or something. Either way, they weren't selling any and did not have a date when they would. The person then tried to get me to buy an Infuse. Um, no.
    10-02-2011 04:15 PM
  4. LarryM#AC's Avatar
    I was in two different AT&T stores today and a Radio Shack who said they are not allowed to sell them. One store sputterd about they are waiting on the HD version so I laughed and said or maybe because AT&T is having to keep Apple happy. The manager laughed and said that could be, I was then shown a demo model of the phone.

    I am pissed this changed my attitude 100% of dealing with AT&T they are all crooks yet this is a really low consumer screw you, as I see it.

    I was told also that it can be bought online yet not anywhere in Ca in an AT&T store. I may stop by Costco to see if they have it. Yet even radio shack only had the demo non live model to show.
    10-02-2011 04:30 PM
  5. MCory's Avatar
    Strange.... I've just returned home from picking mine up at an AT&T store here in the Seattle area.
    10-02-2011 04:30 PM
  6. LarryM#AC's Avatar

    I think this may be a CA thing being apple is here. From what the first guy told me at the mall close to my house is that he was told they would not put them out here in Ca until at least Nov. Then the second info at a place close to my work who stated about the HD LTE model coming.

    It is all just politics and can show you how these companys deal with each other.

    I just checked Walmart and they alos have it so may go that route will wait to see other ratings and take it from there.
    10-02-2011 04:40 PM
  7. iJITSU's Avatar
    I think it varies from state to state for some reason. I was told that no corp store in TX would have them in stock though stores in other states would. Every TX store I've called has confirmed this. I went and picked one up at Best Buy, but now I see they are also selling them at some Walmarts for even cheaper than AT&T.
    10-02-2011 04:50 PM
  8. Simba501's Avatar
    Over at XDA, there are a couple of other people that report the same thing (NoCal). I don't have the slightest idea why.
    10-02-2011 04:51 PM
  9. mngdew's Avatar
    Just checked out one located in La Habra, CA. They don't have it, either.
    10-02-2011 04:53 PM
  10. Johnly's Avatar
    Way to compete Apple, good show.
    10-02-2011 04:55 PM
  11. Mikegrann's Avatar
    I also went into an AT&T store earlier today and the rep told me that no Californian corporate stores would be getting the phone. He mentioned something about November as well, like LarryM said earlier.
    10-02-2011 05:05 PM
  12. Statusnone's Avatar
    Bought mine in a corporate store here in Florida at 11:00am,
    10-02-2011 05:22 PM
  13. IAmAnOtterPhysicist's Avatar
    I bought mine today in a store. That's strange, I'm here in Central Florida.
    10-02-2011 05:30 PM
  14. fossil54's Avatar
    Are you kidding? I got one of 4 at an outlet store in North Central Ok.. You guys in Ca. are getting seriously screwed! I live in a town of like 20,000 people. If I wasn't so in love with Android and super-amoled+, I would have never even known it was out today. No ads in the BB or Wallymart inserts , good job AT&T. Plus they were going to give me a whopping $20.00 for my Cappy. Good luck!
    10-02-2011 05:32 PM
  15. iSlackerz's Avatar
    I was at a Corporate AT&T store when it opened. No GS II in CA, except for San Diego. I went over to Radio Shack and picked one up immediately. Weird.
    10-02-2011 05:54 PM
  16. timberga's Avatar
    Very weird.....sucks for Californians.....got mine in Atlanta GA @ 11 AM Eastern today!!! It's AWESOME.
    10-02-2011 06:22 PM