1. UK_Alum_02's Avatar
    Since this is my first Android, how are you all backing up the data/music/contacts that are on your phone? I messed around with Kies Air for a second but as I tried to download my music I kept getting a Network Error.

    What am I missing?
    10-07-2011 08:38 AM
  2. mpazevedo's Avatar
    The Cloud. Contacts is already up there if you are using Gmail. Music I have Amazon and Google Music Beta. Data, Dropbox it. It's all cloud based. Cut the cord. Kies Air works good, just make sure you are using the same network on your computer.
    10-07-2011 03:38 PM
  3. UK_Alum_02's Avatar
    Thanks, I will have to look into this. Never been on a cloud before...ha.
    10-07-2011 08:04 PM