1. time2shine's Avatar
    Just switched over from Iphone 3gs to the S2. One of my favorite apps on the Iphone was Appbox pro, which was a collection of utility apps. Does anyone have any recs for something similar in the Android Market? Any other apps that are "must haves" for this phone? Any and all help is very much appreciated.
    10-07-2011 09:47 AM
  2. pairenoid's Avatar
    if you care about led notification i just downloaded NOLED and it is AWESOME!

    the settings are crazy so much modification to user liking

    i think a must have is ZEDGE, with this neat app, you can download an endless amount of ringtone/sound/wallpapers

    the wallpapers are BEAUTIFUL omg so crisp! songs r good to, filterable by category or search

    google goggles is a must have, to scan codes online /etc

    i would recommend battery indicator to check on battery, APNon/off to easily disable 3g, umm thats basically all i really needed right now
    10-07-2011 10:15 AM
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    10-07-2011 03:30 PM
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    02-20-2012 07:40 AM