1. tunie's Avatar
    I've grown tired of apps like FB and almost all Google apps updating on their own, even though I've selected not to auto-update. To me, this is a violation of my privacy, but it also doesn't give me an opportunity to check the reviews to insure I'm not downloading a bad update. I know I can uninstall the update, but that's a vicious cycle I'd like to end. If I freeze apps like FB in TB, will that completely stop updates? Will the frozen apps appear in the market under my apps?

    <edit> So just now, my phone was updated with gmail, google books and traffic monitor was installed. I had the first two set to NOT auto-update, but they did anyway. Traffic monitor is a widget. This is the second time my phone has been updated against my wishes and rebooted, all without me doing anything. I would really like to know if I can stop this using TB?

    10-24-2011 02:52 PM