1. yenrab26's Avatar
    Hi all,

    New android user, new to the forum.

    I'm trying to change the sound of my text message alert, but I'm not having any luck. I believe the correct pathway into settings is:

    Settings > Sound > Notification ringtone > whichever sound I choose......

    However, whichever sound I choose isn't retained. It's as if the sound I chose the first day I had my SGS2 is permanently chosen.

    I have downloaded many other tones / alerts etc... and they play appropriately.

    I have stored those files in my phone at: /sdcard/media/

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but any guidance would be appreciated.

    10-30-2011 02:09 PM
  2. derande's Avatar
    I use Handcent for text and you can customize the hell out of it, including notification sounds. Try it out.
    10-30-2011 02:18 PM
  3. sherri's Avatar
    Open the actual messaging app. Tap "menu" >settings>notifications>ringtone....

    See if you can set it from there. Let is know!

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    10-30-2011 02:20 PM
  4. yenrab26's Avatar
    Nice. Exactly what I was looking for Sherri. Thank you.

    Derande, I'll have to check that out.
    10-30-2011 06:26 PM
  5. netarc's Avatar
    so by default the SG2 can only use one ringtone for notifications, whether it's incoming call, email, text, etc? That's annoying ... why do they even have a ringtone notification option in the Messaging, Email, etc areas then?
    10-31-2011 04:16 PM
  6. tunie's Avatar
    You can set one main default notification ringtone, but then you can assign different notification ringtones for your email app, messaging app, etc. Personally, I use WhoIsIt. It doesn't work for gmail anymore since google stopped allowing 3rd party apps access, but it's a great tool for assigning ringtones and notification ringtones to specific contacts. It also allows me to set certain people up as priority, like family, so that my phone will ring whether it's in silent mode or not. This way, while I set my phone to silent at night, if one of my family members calls or messages me, my phone will ring. You can try it out for free from the market. I hope this helps a little.
    10-31-2011 05:52 PM
  7. lynn02's Avatar
    I just got my phone today and was quickly getting annoyed with the default setting. I tried to change the setting with no luck. I did a search and found this thread. I'm so glad I found it. Thanks for sharing.
    12-10-2011 01:45 PM
  8. sherri's Avatar
    Glad to help!

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    12-11-2011 12:56 AM
  9. supermanx5's Avatar
    For those of you who are lost you can watch a how-to video here: How To Set A Notification Sound For Text Messages (for Android) | Phone Buff

    Also, if you're looking to download some cool sounds checkout out an app called Zedge available for free on the market.
    12-21-2011 01:30 PM
  10. SGS2_User's Avatar
    Thanks Sherri. The whole text message default notification was driving me crazy
    01-11-2012 03:47 PM