11-05-2011 04:01 PM
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    Yeah, I hear you. I, too, want to be future-proofed, which is why I was so taken with the GS2, which is so incredibly speced-out. (ICS-ready, for sure)
    I work for ATT and have been playing with the Skyrocket off and on the past few days.
    The first thing that hits me, of course is the size, especially since I am coming from an iPhone 3GS.
    If you think about it, large phone probably don't work for people because they're hard to use with one hand, or because they are too big for the pocket. I can't really speak to these, since I've just been borrowing the phone (not pocketing it) and because I am not used to Android. Obviously, you'd want to position apps and widgets so that you can reach them, but for my hand, my thumb cannot reach the upper-left 1/4th or so of the screen, without slipping my hand up the side of the phone. (I'm right-handed) These small things make a difference.
    I'm even worried about how the GS2 will work, and can't find it since the stores here are not stocking it.
    The GS2 is 2.6" wide, the Skyrocket 2.7", not much difference, but maybe the combo of the width+ the screen size does tip the decision about one-handed usability.

    LTE and the bigger screen and the faster clocking will eat more battery, but the battery is 1850 versus 1650mAh of the GS2, so you should be OK, and I imagine you can turn LTE off, although I need to check that.

    The GS2 is a category 14 phone which can do 21 down max, so even if you get half of that in normal situations, it's still ridiculous! Obviously faster is better, but at what point can we notice?

    I'm in an LTE market, and will go for the GS2, unless something else drops by Nov 17th.
    The other phone that interests me is the Captivate Slide which is coming very soon. That 4" screen might be perfect, but I am not too stoked about the slower processor and the non-plus display. The keyboard would be really nice, but is it worth the weight? Not sure.
    Anyway, the product guys have given us 3 new Sammys at 4", 4.3", and 4.5", so I guess I can't complain...
    11-05-2011 04:01 PM
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