1. j-bo's Avatar
    I posted on the other thread about going to *bay for the cheapy version of the Amazon TPU case.

    The fit is perfect. No holes are cut for the volume and on/off buttons, which I like to keep out dirt/dust. The side edges have a dotted or x pattern that helps grip the phone better. Feels good in my hand.

    All other holes are cutout well. I have a cheapie charger cable and it fits easily and firmly. It does have a lifted edge on the face so you won't scratch it when the phone is placed face down. It goes on and off simply enough so when I get the car mount, it won't be a hassle.

    For $2.95 I couldn't be happier. Worth the 10 days to get here and I'd buy another without question.

    Here's the link to it, they have other colors. It is see through enough for the galaxy S2 to come through it. The purple is somewhat girly, and I've already gotten grief from my buds.. but with my LSU (Geaux TIGERS!) sticker on it, it is perfecto :

    TPU case for i777
    10-31-2011 04:04 PM
  2. MrMercedes's Avatar
    I got the same one in black. It pretty much rocks for only 2.95 free shipping. I might buy a few different colors just to switch it up. They are cheap enough.....
    10-31-2011 06:15 PM