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    I am a 3gs to GSII user. How do I set up voice mail? And when I do does it work similar to iPhone where it shows a list of all VMs on your phone? Right now I hit the VM icon on the phone screen and it goes to dial VM and asks if i want to leave a VM or if I have a mailbox number. What am I supposed to do? I won't have to dial a number every time to get voicemail will I?
    11-08-2011 12:22 PM
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    Download Google Voice from the Android Market and set it up as voicemail only; the app will configured your phone to use it as your voicemail. Works great, just like visual voice mail
    11-08-2011 12:51 PM
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    On Verizon, you dial in to your voice mail by using *86 on the phone. From there, you get the choice to change your personal options, including message people hear when they call you. If you had voicemail set on your other phone and kept the same number, message should still be the same.

    If you already have your message set up and are just looking for how to access it, there are many ways.

    If you have a message, an icon shows in notification bar. Pull the scroll down, tap the message. Phone will dial....Issue with this method (and how to correct it....)is that once dialed, you need to enter password. PITA if you are driving. To "fix" this, from main screen on phone, tap menu. Settings>call settings>voice mail settings> voicemail number.

    As I said, on VZW it is *86. I changed this to: *86,,1234# where the 1234 is my password, and the "," are pauses. Now, when I scroll down on notification bar, I tap the notification and phone dials voicemail number with password then plays message.

    Another method to retrieve voicemail is to open dialer. Dial carrier number (my case: *86). Enter password.

    If you set up the number like I said, can also open contacts, go to "voicemail" and hit phone icon. Will dial and enter password automatically and start playing message.

    Now (glad you asked?) the easiest method (I find) to get messages is to set up as I said earlier (*86,,1234#). Then, from phones main screen, long press where you have room for icon. Will get a choice for "shortcuts". Tap that and look for "direct dial" shortcuts. Tap that, and you can add your voicemail contact. Now, on main screen, just tap that icon and phone should call as described.

    I also keep a folder on screen with direct dial shortcuts for my kids cell numbers, office, sister home and cell.....etc....) One tap dialing from homescreen.

    Hope some of this helps!

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    11-08-2011 01:06 PM
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    Thanks for all the help. Seems google voice is doing what I need it to do.
    11-08-2011 01:28 PM
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    Thanks for all the help. Seems google voice is doing what I need it to do.
    Yeah, Google Voice rocks.
    11-08-2011 09:01 PM
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    Question Can you set the *86 when pushing 1 to go into your GV mail mine still goes to Verizon when pushing 1, Reason why I ask is when using GV to listen to my voice mails either through the head set or even worst through speaker phone you cannot hear seem it is set very low using Google voice, I have all my volume set high as it will go.
    11-16-2011 01:36 PM