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    the continuing saga of the 4s, SGS2, and Samsung Player 5"

    so used upgrade credit to get 4s ATT.
    then got a SGS2 for $577 off contract ATT/
    decided $577 was too much.
    returned SGS2 for full refund.
    got a samsung player for $269 plus case total about $300
    have not unboxed it yet but already feeling like i settled for 2nd choice and HATE the idea of having 2 devices.
    U see where this is going?
    i already sold iphone 4 and ipad1
    so god damn it all i'm returning player and case to best buy tmw and going back to ATT.. and get the SGS2.. Nuff said LOL.. end of story..i hope that anyone who offered to help me before will still do so

    (footnote: did apple's "update" today. battery and system speed WORSE)
    11-10-2011 09:49 PM
  2. j510's Avatar
    no point in this thread. good for you
    11-10-2011 11:17 PM
  3. p51's Avatar
    I just came back from a similar situation. I had the GS2 traded it for an iphone 4 (regretted it immediately) and just finally found someone to trade their GS2 for my iphone. I chalk up trading my GS2 to separation anxiety due to using an iphone for several years. I'm gonna ride it out with the GS2. Hope you enjoy your time with it.
    11-11-2011 01:06 AM
  4. derande's Avatar

    you should have done your homework in the first place. welcome back but i hope you're due to pay the store a restocking fee for wasting their time.
    11-11-2011 09:41 AM
  5. DroidBehavior's Avatar
    i thought the s2 was raging you

    should stick to the iphone because i have a feeling in a few days youll return it and get the iphone
    11-11-2011 10:30 AM
  6. SteveISU's Avatar
    He? I figured by your inability to make up your god damn mind, stick with it, and general flightiness, you were a chick.
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    11-11-2011 11:44 AM
  7. Dr Triffid's Avatar
    He probably became one and returned to being a guy.
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    11-11-2011 01:16 PM