1. justlaxin13's Avatar
    So I recently upgraded from a captivate to the SGS2. I use my phone's voice recorder very often and love the ability to upload those notes to the cloud (usually with evernote) and then listen to them on any computer at my leisure. However, the files that my SGS2 is recording in is unrecognized by every computer i've tried to play it on so far. Its a .ga file and even a google search of that file type doesnt yield anything useful. The voice recorder files from my captivate were in a .gp format. While i have no idea what that is either, i never had any problems playing it on any computer i used. Any help with this?
    11-16-2011 04:47 PM
  2. runner7532's Avatar
    You can change the file type ext of the file and it will play for you. If you use Win 7 you can open Windows Explorer >> Organize >> Folder and Search Options >> View tab >> Check the box for 'Hide extensions for know file types'.

    Once you have that set rename the file from file.3ga >> file.3gp and it will solve the issue. It should play on anything.
    06-06-2012 12:23 AM