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    My GS2 is my first smartphone, previous little Pantech phone reception was low at work, one bar maximum. Sometimes phone calls out were iffy, was AT&T.

    Traded in for the mighty GS2, took it to work, same one bar. Phone calls seemed to work okay, but text messages took a couple of minutes outgoing and incoming. And almost every attempt trying to go to any web page would fail and give a 'web page not available' error message.

    Outside the building all was well, speedy reception, wireless fast too. So I chalked it up to AT&T and bad luck and location.

    And that would be the end of the story except for one thing..........

    A co-worker and I were talking phones, he said he had AT&T and never had problems like mine. I said baloney, so he pulled out his Infuse, hit the web button, and in one second had a web page.

    I said 'cache!'.

    He said 'pick a site', and cnn, newegg, weather, etc. dot coms were entered. Longest time was maybe three seconds for a page to load up. I put my GS2 right next to his and we raced. Well, that would be too kind and generous as I never got a web page to load. Every page loaded on his Infuse bam, bam, bam. We watched a Youtube video, was just like on wi-fi.

    All the arguments for building interference, walls, metal shielding, bad tower location for a low signal just went out the window.

    So.......after much Googling this doesn't seem to be a big issue for the GS2. Only technical info was that someone had replaced their sim card and their reception problem was cured. This seems to be too good to be true

    Is it possible for reception/hardware/software to be so much better on a less expensive phone? Might my phone be defective? Should I demand a new sim card from AT&T?

    I'm really irked now, especially since he can watch streaming movies at lunch! And Verizon phones here get three bars and zero net issues.

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

    (update: I just turned on wi-fi, tethered to my co-workers AT&T Infuse wi-fi, and am now surfing the web at my desk with his phone next to mine. Totally embarrassing.)
    11-17-2011 09:09 AM
  2. erwaso's Avatar
    Get an infuse
    11-17-2011 09:26 AM
  3. ppeklak's Avatar
    Get Verizon
    11-17-2011 11:43 AM
  4. unkandroid's Avatar
    Haha, you guys are great comedians.

    (update: finally got in contact of an AT&T tech support person who seemed to know what was going on. Did a couple of reboots on the phone, sent it some magic signals.....and changed the wrong sim card number to the right sim card number! Wow was it messed up. And now I'm surfing the web at lunch, though scared to try a movie...yet.)
    11-17-2011 12:40 PM
  5. JETarpon's Avatar
    Not an issue now, if it's working, but for testing you should have tried swapping sim cards with your coworker and see what that did to the reception of both phones.
    11-17-2011 02:47 PM