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    I know this isn't the right place, but I wasn't sure where to put it (well, I found a section for Android apps but it doesn't look like it gets much attention).

    Anyway, I will be getting a SGS2 in just over a week (YAY!) but until then I do not have an Android phone. I am taking an intro class making apps for Android but I can only test my apps in an emulator.

    I created a very basic app that allows you to log in to your Twitter account and then you will Tweet the current time and your current location. It works in the emulator but the locations is always "Location Not Available" or something along those lines. I guess you can't test GPS in an emulator.

    Also, I provided buttons that SHOULD cause the app to Tweet your time and location after a set amount of time (I provided options for every 5 minutes, every 30 minutes, or every hour).

    The assignment is due in a couple of days but I don't want to turn it in and have it not work, but I only know one person with an Android phone and he has gotten tired of me using his phone to test my apps.

    If you don't mind please test my app and let me know if it works. Thanks in advance for anyone who does!
    11-22-2011 07:48 PM