1. Jerry-O's Avatar
    I had my first SGS2 drop this weekend. It was on my lap and when I stepped out of my car it went crashing to the ground. It hit on the bottom left corner then fell onto its face. I must say the case FAILED MISERABLY in offering protection. The initial impact shifted the corner of the case off of the phone and the case took about 50% of the gouge damage. The phone corner took about 40% and the dark chrome bezel around the screen took the other 10%. We are not talking horribly disfigured or anything just some pits and scratched which is horrible for someone with technology OCD.

    I love the thinness of the case but if you are prone to dropping your phone it is not for you. I need something with a little more protection. As soon as the otterbox is back in stock I will be ordering it and will post a review.

    For those of you who missed it here is my review for the SGP Air.

    11-30-2011 02:45 PM