1. vinny jr's Avatar
    I think this is the best device currently out there right now. The hardware is fantastic, looks are killer and the accessories available are endless. My problem was with AT&T. I researched the Network strength in my area before I bought it, I was assured by AT&T that I had the Advanced BackHaul that would allow the HSPA+ Speeds. I spent hours on the phone with their tech dept. with no help. I live in the Boston area where they even started their LTE Network but they still have no HSPA+ in the area. The bottom line I was getting between 50 Killabits and 1200 Killabits for DL speeds and the UL speeds where much worse. The 1200 was during the middle of the night. I wanted that phone so bad I kept it till the last day hoping the Network would get better as they promised. I have a contract with T-Mobile and Verizon, the SG2 with T-Mobile isn't nearly the device compared to AT&T's SG2. I am getting between 8mb and 12 mb DL and around 2.5mb UL, the speeds with T-Mobile are killer fast, AT&T can not compete in the Boston area with T-Mobile Network. I sent the SGS2 from AT&T back and I miss it allready. That phone is the smoothest and slickest device I ever have used. I want that phone bad but also want a usable Network. AT&T should be ashamed with themselves, Boston is a huge market and to put out that kind of signal is just pathetic. They lied to me, I spent hours talking to tech help BEFORE buying the phone to make sure I had HSPA+ speeds, I didn't. I'm just venting, I wanted that damn phone so bad, willing to take slower speeds but not EDGE type speeds. I am missing that damn phone. I guess I will buy the new Samsung Nexus from Verizon, we have the fastest LTE Network from Verizon, thank God for that. Maybe the Razr, at least I have great choices but that AT&T SGS2 is one bad *** device.
    12-14-2011 10:44 AM