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    This was a major issue for me from day 1. Whenever I would compose an email, create a calendar appointment or even look up a contact and need to see details, I would experience major lag and even applicatoin force close window. I thought it was related to a bad device. Not wanting to go that route, and resetup everything upon switching out devices, I continued to look into it. I found something very interesting that I can duplicate at will.

    If I turn on Contacts Sync for my corporate Exchange e-mail server, I get the lag when dealing with contacts. if I turn off Sync, I do not experience the lag. Turning off the sync doesn't impede my ability to lookup names in my corporate GAL, which is an essential function of a smart phone for me. The non-syncing of contacts isn't a big deal to me, as I have 700+ contacts but don't add contacts on a daily basis. If I can just remember to turn on the sync once a week and force the sync, I will be good. I would rather do that than literally take over 10 minutes to create a basic meeting request or compose a new email.

    What I now need to find out is if the problem is Droid related or something with Exchange server here at work. Either way, it is an interesting repeatable problem. Sync shouldn't be involved when I am looking up contacts, but turning it off directly impacts the functionality.

    I am leaning towards some buggy code in Android that somehow mixes up the 2 functions or correlates them and causes the lag and application freezing. Hopefully this helps some on here that were experiencing the same problem.
    12-14-2011 04:28 PM