1. lynn02's Avatar
    I switched my phone from silent to ring after I got off work yesterday. Even though I know it's set to ring, if I hold the power button to get the option to put it on silent, airplane mode, or power off it says that silent mode is on. How do I fix it so it reads the right thing? I was also having trouble with NoLed. When I had a message notification, the normal press home key then swipe to open my phone didn't work. I'd have to hit the power button wait for the NoLed symbol come up on my phone then hit the home key and swipe to get to my message. I just checked to see if my phone was up to date. It gives two options, they are check for updates or continue update. I don't recall seeing the continue update option before. I'm wondering if my phone was trying to update last night and got interrupted and everything else got messed up in the process. I'm not rooted.
    12-17-2011 08:38 AM