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    Well I've been lucky, Upgraded to the latest Gingerbread online from ATT and haven't had issues with poor battery life yet. Started worrying yesterday as it seemed toward the end of the day my battery life was suffering (had been home on wi-fi all day). Woke up today after charging overnight and in the 30-40 minutes of getting ready in the morning, I had dropped 8%. While getting ready to head out, I got to checking things and noticed that email had about 94% of my battery usage. In checking on things, noticed that I had downloaded about 220MB of data Sat, and 360MB so far on Sun.

    I turned off wifi and saw that the data was running on 3G constantly. I powered phone off and on, no luck. Then did a battery pull and restart with no luck. Broke down and stopped the email process and it stopped. Opened email up after that and it ran without downloading data.

    Odd, I think I remember seeing 2 processes and 2 services running when I first checked memory usage, but after stopping the process and restarting email, it only showed 2 processes and 1 service running. Not sure if something started a odd service running or what. Also I have no clue where all that data ended up that was being downloading, it doesn't appear to be in memory.

    Glad I was on wi-fi (even thought I do have the unlimited data) as long as I was downloading "junk".
    01-22-2012 07:58 PM