1. dave04045's Avatar
    Hey everybody. I'm looking for your opinions on what phone I should buy. I'm currently on an iPhone 4 and I've decided to make the jump to Android and I'm pretty much sold on that.

    Right now I'm eligible for an upgrade and I've narrowed down the phones I want. My first choice would be the Galaxy Nexus but I'm not optimistic that it will come subsidized to AT&T (I don't have 700 dollars to throw on a phone). If that doesn't happen, am I better off getting one of the S2 variants (Skyrocket, Skyrocket HD), the Galaxy Note, or should I wait for something better to come out of MWC that might not be released for months?

    I like the Note but I really need to see it in my hands first before I get it. The S2 I've already tried out a bunch and love. I don't want to get the S2 only to have the more badass S3 be announced two weeks later.

    So, what are your suggestions?

    I'm looking for a great screen (coming from an iPhone 4, you should know my expectations), good battery life (at least the whole day if not longer), and a decent camera.
    01-26-2012 09:08 PM
  2. Blackjack55345's Avatar
    It's never a good time to buy an Android phone. Something will always be coming out that will be an improvement on what you have. If I were you, I'd just take the plunge. All of those phones are great and seem to have what you are looking for. The biggest different will obviously be in the change from IOS to Android.

    The Galaxy S2 seems to be regarded the most highly out of the phones. Better processor, better ROM community, etc. If you have LTE in your area and care about that, I would suggest the Skyrocket HD. If you buy either of these phones now, you can still return your phone within 30 days if you really like the Galaxy Note (supposedly comes out February 18?).

    Don't be worried about something better coming out...because it will happen. Once the Galaxy SIII comes out you can bet there will be some new variant of it releasing shortly after that. Buy for what you need now and don't think about the future. You'll never buy an Android phone if you worry about what is going to be coming out.
    01-26-2012 10:03 PM
  3. thinguy's Avatar
    I could have written your post we're in such the same place so welcome to the boat I've been sailing around in for a few weeks.
    Here's what I've learned I hope it helps.
    SII is really nice and very popular but it's been out for some time, I've been tempted to pick up an SII but screen resolution, it's age, and the phones waiting in the wings are preventing me from jumping.
    Skyrocket from what I've read and seen on youtube is slower has the same resolution but a little bigger screen. So the SII (IMO) is the better buy.
    Skyrocket HD is coming out 'soon' and interests me more.
    The Note is rumored(confirmed?) to hit 2/18. This interests me but may be too big. I need to hold it first. Have silly concerns about pocketability and where to put it when I'm in my car.

    If the Note won't work for me, I'm hoping the Skyrocket HD will be released soon after and I can hold out.
    If my iPhone went belly up today I think I'd pickup an SII and be happy with it.

    The only snag I've come up with moving to Android is visual voice mail(vvm) isn't available without a 3rd party app (youmail, etc).
    But I use my phone for business so the security of sending my vm to a 3rd party server is concerning.

    Bored with iPhone and looking forward to Android.
    01-27-2012 09:10 AM