03-16-2012 08:49 PM
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  1. nonie's Avatar
    I would like to hear what case your using on your phone. Does it add bulk? Does it help grip the phone better?
    The sides seems a little slick, worried I might drop it. Lol.
    01-27-2012 04:41 PM
  2. surf1's Avatar
    TPU black rubber case but don't care for it, it's not as grippy as silicone ones I've used on iPhones, and it shows smudges/grime, you have to wipe it daily so it doesn't get "greasy" feeling. Protects good though, dropped phone a few times and no damage not even scratch to the case.

    I just prefer something more grippy. But I got it for like 4 bucks on Ebay with a car charger, nice deal lol. Silicone ones for this phone seem about the same size as the TPU ones, so to answer your question, no they don't really add any noticeable thickness, their fairly thin, not bulky at all (like otterbox etc)
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    01-27-2012 06:02 PM
  3. nonie's Avatar
    Thanks, Surf1, I was sorta thinking of that one. Lol

    Anyone used the SGP Ultra silkie series?
    01-27-2012 06:28 PM
  4. runtohell121's Avatar
    I'm using SGP Neo Hybrid
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    01-27-2012 06:47 PM
  5. silverbugeye's Avatar
    Otterbox commuter that actually fits the I777 is 21 bucks on Amazon now. Fits perfectly as long as you get the part # with I777 in it.

    Still pretty good grip. Really doesnt add that much bulk
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    01-27-2012 08:38 PM
  6. nonie's Avatar
    Runtohell121, do you like it? Its looks like from the photo, that the battery cover is showing, so you could get to battery with out taking off the case?
    01-28-2012 07:38 AM
  7. runtohell121's Avatar
    SGP Neo Hybrid is the one that covers the back/battery cover.
    SGP Neo Hybrid Ex doesn't cover the back/battery cover (a bunper case technically)

    The materials are pretty nice, paid $27 for the case.
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    01-28-2012 10:49 AM
  8. unglued94ta's Avatar
    Paid $5 for the mobi when it was on sale in the AC market back on 12/14. Cheap, light, and thin. Fits well for being as cheap as it was.
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    01-28-2012 12:29 PM
  9. tunie's Avatar
    Otterbox Commuter case. The Defender or any case with a lot of silicon makes it tough to slip into a pocket and the silicon grabs every little bit of lint it can. The Commuter case isn't cheap, but I love it. It doesn't weigh down the phone or beef it up too much. It won't protect the phone as well as tbe Otterbox Defender, but I think it's good enough. I've only dropped my phone once from about 3' onto a wood floor, so that's not really a good test of the Commuter's protection ability but, it's made well, looks good and gives me more to hold onto.
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    01-28-2012 08:24 PM
  10. nonie's Avatar
    Thanks. Everyone. I ordered a otterbox commuter case. Its hard to decide when you can't see them first.:-D
    I wanted one that would help me grip the phone and that would slide in and out of my pocket easily.
    Now hope i made the right decision. :-D
    01-29-2012 06:59 AM
  11. anneoneamouse's Avatar
    No case, no screen protector. I don't like the added bulk.

    The screen of my Captivate was fine w/o a protector- had it from day one, it still has no scratches. That said, my phone is the only thing that gets put into my left hand front pocket, screen is always facing in toward my leg.

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    01-29-2012 10:53 AM
  12. NEDNERBISH's Avatar
    There's a case I bought through eBay. VERY thin and sleek but well made. Dropped a bunch and still perfect!! Its called the s line case. I got a car charger, the case, and 3 screen protectors for 7$!!!!!!! Wowwy wow wow!!
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    02-08-2012 08:32 AM
  13. nonie's Avatar
    Well, got the otterbox case, it does help to grip the phone, but seems now phone is heavy and thicker, the buttons are covered and hard to push.
    Not sure i like it.
    02-08-2012 09:20 AM
  14. Other Foot's Avatar
    I've had my SGP Argos leather case for a few days now and I really like it. It didn't add too much bulk, but it is great protection for the screen and the camera lens cover. And you just can't beat the style of real leather. I got the black one, but there are other colors available too. All the ports and switches are exposed and easy access. You do have to open the flap to connect the data cable/charger. But the flap will fold back under the case so it isn't dangling or in the way.

    I love it.
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    02-09-2012 01:55 AM
  15. NegativeBeef's Avatar
    I'm using the casemate pop. Best case for the galaxy s2 imo
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    02-09-2012 03:36 AM
  16. xyz09's Avatar
    I have been using the Otterbox Commuter Case and it seems to offer some shock/drop protection without too much bulk. It slides in and out of my pocket pretty well and picks up a minimal amount of lint and particles. On the negative side, I do find that the button covers cause the buttons to be less responsive than I'd like.

    I also have a Seidio Surface Case that I think I will try out for the next few days. The Seidio looks like it just offers scratch protection and not much for drops, but it is lighter, slimmer and the buttons are not covered.
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    02-09-2012 03:43 PM
  17. niannello's Avatar
    SGP Case Neo Hybrid yellow/black. love it
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    02-09-2012 11:00 PM
  18. NEDNERBISH's Avatar
    Go on eBay and type in " galaxy s 2 s-line case. Its not a soft runner its VERY solid. Very sleek and I'm am super happy with it. I paid 7$ for the case, car charger, and 3 screen protectors! You CANT beat that. I looked everywhere for one that wouldn't mess up the slimness of my phone and this is it!

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    02-10-2012 07:49 AM
  19. nonie's Avatar
    Is it a hard case? Are buttons covered? Does it add bulk? I like the slimness of this phone and don't want to add thickness to it.
    02-10-2012 02:56 PM
  20. konazxiii's Avatar
    After seeing my friend's Ballistic on his Infuse (and the bulk of his full Otterbox on his old Thunderbolt), I ordered a Ballistic for my i777.

    I have a cheapo Cimo S-Line Soft TPU Case that isn't so bad, but it just doesn't really "do it" for me.
    02-10-2012 04:16 PM
  21. NEDNERBISH's Avatar
    Nooooi not otterbox!!! They're wayyy to big. Look up galaxy s2 s-line case on eBay. Super sturdy, slim, and sexy. Also cheap! I love it"

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    02-16-2012 09:57 AM
  22. konazxiii's Avatar
    I'm happy with the Ballistic. It does add size and heft, and the corners are a little "grabby" in the pocket, but not overly so, IMO.
    02-16-2012 10:18 AM
  23. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    I'm happy with the Ballistic. It does add size and heft, and the corners are a little "grabby" in the pocket, but not overly so, IMO.
    I agree. Same price as the otterbox commuter but much better protection. I had one on s ii.

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    02-16-2012 07:41 PM
  24. nbell978's Avatar
    Trident Aegis. Love it.
    02-16-2012 09:06 PM
  25. tunie's Avatar
    I've been using the Otterbox commuter case. It's just awesome. It has just enough silicone to give you something to hold onto without making it impossible to slip into a pocket. It's slim, sturdy and I think it makes the phone look better. I've only dropped it twice, so far <knock on wood>. I dropped it about 2' onto a wood floor. No big deal there, but then I dropped it from about 2-3' onto a paved driveway. It bounced and landed on the face! I guess because the case sticks up a little around the screen, the screen never touched the concrete, so no broken screen. I love this case. It's hard to tell there is even one on the phone.
    02-16-2012 10:50 PM
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