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    it seems my phone must always try twice to connect to anything whether grabbing a page, sending a mssg, pulling email or whatever. the first time it hangs until timing out, so even the simple act of doing a Google search can take 2 frustrating minutes and requires a hand held second attempt. it makes the phone unusably slow at times. seems like it happens with data or without it while on wifi (using juice defender). any idea whats up? this is everyday. did it on latest Unnamed and latest Shostock, with Siyah and entropy's latest dd. can anyone help? (so far 5 mins and 4 attempts just to submit this post... just another day on this phone).

    edit: sorry about these duplicates... this is the problem evidently. my phone shows it hanging and comes back with a "no response from server, contact administrator" mssg and is unresponsive to subsequent attempts. then it connects after multiple attempts and several minutes of trying and i find nearly all the attempts actually posted. wtf! i tried to delete them from the phone but again no response. this is on all programs. i am now at my laptop which is as snappy as you'd expect. the phone is nearly unusable half the time, and always like this with multiple configs. any ideas?
    02-08-2012 01:47 AM
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    looks like i'm going to XDA eh?
    02-08-2012 05:22 PM