1. sling4ever's Avatar

    I have a problem with my Galaxy S II that started to pop up last week and I'm getting stuck.

    Right now, I'm unable to sync data from my laptop to my phone via a USB cable and going through Bluetooth hasn't been that effective. I am able to get the MTP-USB notification to come up, but Windows 7 Pro can't find the phone anymore. I am unable to go into USB mode via debugging mode (no little droid in USB mode or anything in the notifications.). I updated the drivers to make sure that they are current. This may have been due to a defective sync cord, but I replaced that today and the same thing has been happening.

    Was there anyway that I would be able to have my Galaxy S II be recognized on my laptop, or if it was something outside of my control on my phone? Any help would be appreciated.
    03-15-2012 11:45 PM