1. chmcke01's Avatar
    I got my SGS2 in December at Walmart for $100 back when they had the free $100 Walmart giftcard with any smartphone purchase making it essentially free...now my brother is trying to find one and his local AT&T store wants $120 for one.

    Does anyone know of any stores that have any sales or deals or just cheaper prices on these phones?
    04-10-2012 06:17 PM
  2. Fryguy128's Avatar
    If you would've ordered it the last week of March online from att it would've been $10, so its highly unlikely you'll find one for under $120.
    04-10-2012 09:20 PM
  3. chmcke01's Avatar
    Yeah I thought I saw that, but he wasn't eligible for an upgrade until yesterday so it was too late. If anyone knows of any sales either now or coming up please let me know!
    04-10-2012 09:45 PM
  4. Fryguy128's Avatar
    The other place I would check is Amazon. They usually have good prices. If $100 is too much, try the pantech burst that has LTE and is all around pretty good.
    04-10-2012 10:02 PM
  5. chmcke01's Avatar
    Its not too much, I would just rather pay the least amount possible.
    04-10-2012 10:27 PM