1. ryan770's Avatar
    alrighty. Love my new Galaxy S2. Amazing phone. But these two small problems are kind of bugging me.

    The screen is much less responsive when charging. Both in the wall and USB. Makes typing a pain. I've seen a lot of threads about this from googling but nothing much of a fix for it. Take it off the chargers and its lightning fast. Using the stock samsung usb wall charger and cable.

    Second problem is that sometimes ill get no sound. I'm not sure if its app related or what. no system sounds, and when this happens, I get an error when I try to play music files saying "sorry this player does not support this type of file" or something. After a few minutes of messing with the sound options and clearing the memory, it works again. Sometimes ill be texting and it'll just start working out of the blue.

    This seems to rarely happen but it did it twice today. I cleared the memeory and exited all apps, then guess what. All sounds started coming through the EAR SPEAKER.

    My phone then died and for a few over 6 hours its been fine now. I'm hoping maybe ICS will clear this bug up but I'm not sure what to do about the screen responsiveness when charging.
    04-19-2012 06:38 AM