1. winterwolfes's Avatar
    I just upgraded from a Galaxy S to the SII with ATT and I'm having a texting issue. Its a strange issue though because it is only affecting texting between the 2 phones on my ATT account. Texting with everyone else is fine. Problem is that ATT keeps saying the phone is the problem and they want me to do a factory reset. I really do not want to go through having to set everything up on my phone again and to be honest that does not sound right. Why would my phone treat texts differently from the other phone (my wife's) on my ATT account than it does receiving texts from anyone else.

    Here is the issuse: When I get a text from anyone else in my contacts (let's use the name Bob), the thread in my messaging inbox says Bob. But when I get a text from my wife, it does not say her name, instead it says her-phone-number@txt.att.net. So I do not see her picture or contact info. Its really weird. When I text her, the text comes across to her as from my-phone-number@txt.att.net as well and it has a subject line like an email that is a random number starting with 4. To then complicate the issue, she is no longer able to send me pictures via text. It just sits in the outbox of her phone and never goes. This problem only happens between these 2 phones. And the thing is, we text eachother more than anyone else so this is a big issues. Half the time we don't even get eachothers texts. All of this stated when I got the new phone. Also, the ATT guy that sold me the phone made some changes to my account to save me money but he said he had to "rig" the system to make it work somehow.

    So now I am stuck in this situation where ATT says the problem is the phone and not their service and so basically, nothing is being done to fix it. Anyone have any suggestions at all?
    04-24-2012 10:42 AM
  2. jasonprice's Avatar
    Sounds like you have an app or something that is sending the texts via data instead of the cell network. I would check your contact page for your wife, maybe delete it and make a new one and vice versa with her phone.
    04-24-2012 02:50 PM
  3. winterwolfes's Avatar
    I'll be the first to admit ATT was right. I did a factory reset and it works again. When I bought a new bluetoothe I downloaded the Motospeak app. I realize now the issue started after the first time I used that app to text my wife. Never texted anyone else with it. Seems like a cool idea for an APP but I will never use it again as it completely screwed up our ability to text normally with each other.
    04-25-2012 12:25 PM