1. Onth's Avatar

    Can someone please help me?
    I have back up my data using USB through Kies to my computer. After I have updated to ICS. I can restore my data to the phone.

    It kept on telling my restoration failed due to an error interruption but didnt specifically tell me what error.

    06-24-2012 08:40 PM
  2. Statusnone's Avatar
    Not sure why you're getting the error. I know when I updated to 4.0.3 from 2.3.6 it didn't wipe my phone, kept everything the same but when I booted up for the first time it had to optimize all my apps for ICS. Maybe there's your reason? I'm guessing maybe a GB backup can't restore to an ICS device.

    Wish I could offer more help but like I said before... when I updated it didn't mess up anything so a restore wasn't necessary for me.
    06-24-2012 08:54 PM
  3. Onth's Avatar
    actually my app and everything still there, but i want to restore my setting for the phone.
    my contact list is a whole mess, it shows 7 separate name for the same contact who has skype, whatsapp, several phone number, gmail and etc.

    all the folders i have setup are gone. Basically everything is a most besides my app are still there.
    06-24-2012 09:04 PM
  4. Nevets68's Avatar
    I think the TOS (or whatever it's called) when you started the upgrade process ..stated that folders would be removed.
    06-24-2012 09:42 PM