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    I got the text late last week that the ICS upgrade was available for my phone, and I finally got it done tonight. In the end, the upgrade itself went smoothly, but I have some thoughts on how to do it more easily if I had to do it again.

    1. Don't use the Kies backup. I let it run for two hours and it never finished. I saw some forum post that said not to use it because it was slow and also something about if you needed to restore it wouldn't work. I used MyBackup Pro and it worked well, although the caveat is that I haven't tried to use the restore. It isn't free, but $4.99 is cheap compared to the sweating I would do if all my data were trashed. (recommended by Lifehacker for a non-rooted phone; recommended by me because on the front end it went smoothly)

    2. Disable the screen lock before you start. My connection would hang and not do anything, and finally I thought to unlock the phone and disable the lock, and it went without a hitch.

    After the upgrade, the phone works as it should, all the photos, texts, podcasts, etc are all there, although most are not where they were before the jump. An embarrassing thing is that it's taking me a while to remember what all apps were in the home screen! It all works, but it's also a bit tense waiting to see if the phone finishes the process without going belly up!

    Good luck with yours!

    07-02-2012 10:50 PM