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    I've had this phone for a while now and here probably the past couple months it's been restarting randomly on its own. I linked the restarts happening after I would move apps to the Sd using an app called app2sd. I got this info from reading another forum so they arrested to remove that app which I did. I put another app to SD app on the phone and everything seemed to be ok but last week, I moved some apps and shortly after doing so my phone started doing the whole rebooting back to back. It would not stop. As soon as it loaded up, it would reboot again. I consulted Samsung and we tried the power, volume up down thing to reboot that way and it did not help so their only other suggestion was a factory reset which I reluctantly did. Ever since then the phone has been working fine. I've even been able to send pics over WiFi which I wasn't able to before. I had to manually turn it off before a pic would go through. Anyway I'm nervous to even put apps on thead card or install an app to SD application. I'm not sure what is causing the restart. Is this any way to know what apps can be moved to SD card without having to delish an app road application?
    07-19-2012 09:51 PM
  2. Lawrence of a Labia's Avatar
    Did you try formatting the sd card? I've read that can help in some cases.
    07-19-2012 11:30 PM
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    I don't have the SD card in my phone at this time. About a month ago I reset my phone to factory settings because it kept completely shutting down and restarting randomly back to back and would not stop rebooting until I figured out if I took the SD card out, it stopped restarting. The restarts would happen after I would move apps to the SD card. After the reset, I didn't reformat the card. I reinstalled my apps and I didn't put any on the SD card fo fear of the same problem happening again but last week I took the card out so that I could reformat it and I noticed partial files are left on the phone from certain apps like the other half is on the SD card so I'm guessing some apps automatically store on the SD card?
    07-20-2012 03:44 AM
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    Some apps do automatically store to the SD card, by design. I would reformat the SD card and then put it back in the phone. The galaxy s ii has a built in program that will allow you to move apps to the SD card... it will only allow those apps that can run from the SD card to move. So, there is no need for the app2sd app.
    07-20-2012 05:08 PM
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    Formatting the card fixed the random reboot issue for me. Before that it rebooted multiple times a day.

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    07-25-2012 07:59 PM