1. lynn02's Avatar
    I use my phone's alarm clock and plug it in to charge at night. The sound it makes when it's fully charged wakes me up. Is there anyway to turn that sound off?
    09-26-2012 04:30 PM
  2. sprof's Avatar
    Turn the volume down for the alert. The alarm should have its own volume control.

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    09-30-2012 04:00 PM
  3. j510's Avatar
    Hey let me know if the alert volume affects it. You must be a light sleeper. As far as I know from my own experience you are unable to lower the volume unless the phone is complety silent/vibrate mode.
    10-01-2012 08:39 PM
  4. lynn02's Avatar
    I didn't see just an alert volume.
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    10-02-2012 04:13 AM
  5. sprof's Avatar
    OK, I'm running CM10 so maybe you can't with the stock ROM.

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    10-02-2012 09:20 PM
  6. lynn02's Avatar
    I'm not rooted. I'm guessing that will probably be the only way to get the option to turn that sound off.
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    10-03-2012 04:12 AM
  7. Strawdawg's Avatar
    Mine does not beep when fully charged...it turns the screen on
    10-03-2012 12:18 PM
  8. sunrisepromo's Avatar
    Install the Battery Charged Silencer - you can mute that sound if it occurs during certain hours of the day. I had the same problem and the app works beautifully. No more waking me up in the middle of the night!
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    10-19-2012 05:48 PM
  9. lynn02's Avatar
    Thank you!! I will look for that.
    10-19-2012 07:02 PM

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