1. gidgiddonihah's Avatar
    Running a Speedtest on my rooted Galaxy SII (tried running CM10, AOPK Jelly Bean, and Slimbean) produces a ping of about 100 and anywhere from .01 Mbps to .5 Mbps download. Streaming Spotify is a nightmare and I still have to live with AT&T for another year. Thinking it may be worth it to pony up the money to rip up my contract to go to Verizon as they just got LTE in the area. I have tried editing my APN settings and none of the changes did anything really large other than putting my average download score all the way up to .235 Mbps. Any thoughts?
    11-20-2012 03:34 PM
  2. gonzo0203's Avatar
    I went through the same thing about a week ago. My brother in law was in my town, he has Atrix HD. There is not LTE here, and he was pulling 7mbps, yet I couldn't pull over 1mbps down. I contacted AT&T, and tried different APNs but have no difference. I was told when I was gettin 1.2ish down and .8 up, I was getting comparable speeds to my area. It listed here as 3.5g area, so it was within normal range. I was using stock no root ICS Galaxy S2. AT&T tried to reset me via OTA but no change. I'm lucky to get over 1 most of the time, best I've seen in wee hours the of the AM is 3.03mbps
    11-21-2012 09:31 AM
  3. gidgiddonihah's Avatar
    I was planning on going to the AT&T store today when I have time to see if they can't figure it out. The problem is I'm rooted and running a custom ROM so they may not be able to help me or even want to. This has been an ongoing problem with HPSA+ and AT&T. I just recently got really ticked when started streaming Spotify more often. It sucks when I am paying them quite a bit of money and I can't even get through 15 seconds without it pausing to buffer. I used to have it downloaded and I think that's why I didn't really mind the slower speeds, but I just recently did a fresh install of AOPK and for some reason when it restored Spotify it didn't restore the tracks so I am streaming them. I am supposed to have their reworked HSPA+, and if that's true people are claiming on getting 7-8 mbps in different articles and threads with the reworked towers. Late last night I found a place with 5 bar signal and H+ data. When I tested it I got all the way to 1.5 mpbs but download was still abysmal. Very frustrating...
    11-21-2012 12:46 PM
  4. Lawrence of a Labia's Avatar
    Since you've been using custom roms, have you tried flashing a different modem?
    11-21-2012 02:36 PM

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