1. nonie's Avatar
    In the settings of text messages. Is this for photos only. When unchecked will it not start to download them?
    06-12-2013 01:53 PM
  2. VDub2174's Avatar
    As far as I know it means it will download pics automatically when you receive an MMS instead of you having to tap download when you open the message.
    06-12-2013 02:08 PM
  3. nonie's Avatar
    Thanks. So if it is unchecked, I will get a notification like always and then will have to click on message to download it?
    06-12-2013 02:17 PM
  4. VDub2174's Avatar
    Thanks. So if it is unchecked, I will get a notification like always and then will have to click on message to download it?
    I believe so
    06-12-2013 02:18 PM
  5. nonie's Avatar
    I turned my data off and unchecked auto retrieve and had my DD send me a photo. I got notification and when I turned on data and then clicked on download on message, it did and I could see photo.
    I use wifi when at home and turn data off, because sometimes with it on I would check email and I could see, my data was being used for something in background. And as I don't have unlimited data plan. Didn't want it running.
    But with data off and I received photo via messages it would try and dnload, even when I then would turn on data, it just sat there saying downloading.

    So now I can leave data off till I want to use it . So now I know. Thanks.
    06-12-2013 03:43 PM
  6. Gord Stewart's Avatar
    Well that is not the answer I was looking for. lol
    I was hoping I could call back a message that I just sent.
    Thanks for the info.
    11-01-2013 09:08 AM
  7. Michael Hunt9's Avatar
    You can't unsend messages. That stopped being an option in the 1990's. Before smart phones.
    07-31-2015 01:58 PM
  8. jsigmo's Avatar
    I leave Auto-retrieve turned off (unchecked) because there is/was a vulnerability whereby someone could send you a text message with some sort of virus inside that would auto-execute when downloaded. If the phone is set to auto-retrieve, it will automatically download binary attachments (such as photos or programs or...). So it's safer to leave it unchecked and only retrieve photos or attachments manually when you recognize the sender and are expecting an attachment/photo.

    Maybe this has been resolved, but it was big news about six months ago. I haven't turned mine back on since, and it hasn't bothered me at all. I can just press a button to retrieve the extended message if I want, and if not, I can just ignore the message. That has happened only a couple of times, but getting a binary attachment from someone I've never heard of isn't something I want to have happen automatically.
    07-06-2016 12:06 AM

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