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    Folks, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 international version (GT-I9100) which was purchased in Singapore. When I returned to the USA, I set up with AT&T. I did this in December, 2012.

    Since December, 2012, my voicemail has worked just fine, that is, when I long press the '1' key, the next message I hear is, "Please enter your password".

    But, starting about two weeks ago, when I dial voicemail with a long press '1' or by dialing my voicemail number, or by dialing my own phone number, the first message I hear is "Mailbox number, please", and then I have to enter my phone number. Once I do this I am then asked to enter my password and I can then access my voicemail.

    I have been on no fewer that six support calls with AT&T. Each time they think they resolve the issue, and indeed, for the first time I call, I am asked for my password but for all subsequent calls, I am asked to enter my mailbox number.

    To add one more wrinkle, if I put my SIM into my wife's iPhone, my voicemail works correctly, so it certainly seems to be something with this phone on the AT&T network.

    Any ideas of what I might do to fix this annoyance? Ive got the latest software, 4.1.2

    05-14-2014 01:08 PM

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