1. snapbux's Avatar
    Okay, I found two silicone cases I really want, I really love both designs but I can't decide which one to get!!

    These two are the CHEAPEST I've found that are selling the US, so I've already gotten the best price for the best area (other places you have to wait WEEKS because they're shipping from hong kong )

    So which one would you guys get?!

    I'm so a gamer, so I love the White Game Boy idea here:

    White Game Boy Rubber Gel Silicone Case Cover Samsung Galaxy S3 S 3 III i9300 | eBay 84.m1586.l2649

    And then I also LOVE these designs on these ones, there's like 10 different kinds too!! Which one of these would you guys get?

    NEW Samsung Galaxy S3 S 3 III i9300 Soft Gel Silicone Case Cover - Many Designs! | eBay

    If worse comes to worse, I'll buy one of each (but please help with deciding which of the 10 I should get at least!! lol)

    Silicone I found is the best type of case so I'm really excited to find them like this, all I found when searching for these kinds of styles were hard cases and I found those actually do MORE damage then going without a case at all! Talk about ridiculous!!

    So if you were going to get one? Which one would you get?

    Also BTW: Please don't try and talk me into buying any other cases, my heart is set on one of these,
    biggest reasons is the seller is the US, it's free shipping, and again, cheapest price for a Brand New case, love it all

    Thanks everyone!!
    11-28-2012 05:01 AM
  2. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Your first option of the Game Boy one is the only one that I have seen. Youtube has a few reviews on it as well.
    (Here is one of many I am sure!)

    Now I know you don't wanna be talked down but I would tell you to look at Urban Armor Gear for the S3. Hands down its the best case I have ever bought. I have owned all of the Otterbox cases and a lot of the cheaper cases.

    11-28-2012 10:06 AM

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