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    Just thought I'd let anyone here know that I bought a black Rearth Slim Lite case at Amazon a while back. I decided to take it off last night and since it fits VERY snugly on the phone (you have to have strong finger nails to pry it off), the cut-out for the power button caught on the button itself and popped it off. Fortunately the tiny metal button fell on the counter and I inserted it back and seems to be fine. So I put my two layered case back on it instead. I think the Rearth case is nice but I will NOT put it back on again for obvious reasons. Samsung says the power button design is such that it is supposed to be able to be removed by a technician so it's clear the problem lies in the case design not the phone. So just be aware if you're thinking of getting this case.
    12-16-2012 02:29 PM

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