1. Damien Kojder's Avatar
    Ive recently flashed my Rom and am getting no service/ very little in places where i used to get full coverage, ive tried looking for solutions online and checking through my phones info and all i can figure is that my imei number is 0 and idk what to do about that or if thats what is causing it.

    If it helps ive switched my phones service provider to straight talk from at&t before i rooted it and flashed it
    01-06-2013 07:13 PM
  2. BikeWhisper's Avatar
    You need to change the APN (access point network) in your settings. Contact customer service from Straight Talk and have them connect you to a knowlegable tech who can help you with the correct settings. Had similiar problem with SG3 and consumer cellular. Took a couple of calls but finally got someone who knew the technology.
    01-11-2013 11:37 AM

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