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    A lot of help needed
    so i managed to root my phone just fine. i wanted to remove the at&t firmware that prevents me from using tethering and fm radio and also upgrade it to the latest android but unfortunately i messed up a bit.
    i tried the quantum rom for 4.4.1 but i got a status 7 error and then i accidentally did a factory reset and all my backup files on the phone are reading empty(i have them on a separate computer)
    cwm recovery version is
    if i tell it to reboot it just reboots into boot mode, i can't get the os to start.
    i was wondering what happened and what i should do. i can get to odin mode just fine, but i don't know what to download or do in order to reset it. is it possible to update the android version via odin? and how could i place files on the phone?
    any help would be gratefully appreciated.
    01-15-2014 05:38 AM

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