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    This was my upgrade process for the CM install just in case.

    Originally running AT&T 4.1.1 rooted (no trip flash counter method). Never accepted the official Sammy 4.3 because I froze the updater with TiBu. In late November I decided to try CM and used the installer off the playstore to install the latest CM10 version. Then the CM11 update was pushed to my phone OTA. So far seems to be working fine.

    My Brother wants to buy my S3 to replace his aging Infuse. He likes TW so he'd like me to put it back on the phone.

    My question is can I just ODIN back to stock I747UCDLK3 from SamMobile to rollback from CM11? I don't believe that CM has KNOX so I'm assuming I can rollback with the usual wipe, factory reset through CWM prior to flashing thru ODIN?

    Any help is appreciated TIA
    01-15-2014 08:48 PM

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