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    im pretty excited for this phone to come out as my s2 recently was stolen on a trip to florida, still mourning over the loss ...but i was wondering if there was an option to turn off the lte because i live in a spotty coverage area and i know that's a huge battery drain when your phones looking for a good signal all day long...would this be a huge deal breaker for any of you guys?
    06-25-2012 11:38 PM
  2. Slimerang's Avatar
    I'm in a similar boat except that I don't have any LTE coverage.
    06-26-2012 10:52 AM
  3. sniffs's Avatar
    I saw a post on XDA about this. You can't disable LTE, but what you can do, is add an APN specifically for HSPA+ and select it.

    Let me see if I can find the post.

    Go to Settings, More Settings, scroll down to Mobile Networks, click Access Point Names, press Menu and click New APN and then add this,

    Name: AT&T WAP
    APN: wap.cingular
    Proxy: <not set>
    Port: <not set>
    Password:<not set>
    Server:<not set>
    MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS proxy: wireless.cingular.com
    MMS port: 80
    Authentication type: <not set>
    APN type: default
    APN protocol IPv4
    then go back in and make sure this is the selected APN and it should drop you from LTE and only connect to HSPA+
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    06-26-2012 11:42 AM