1. jcp007's Avatar
    Has anyone tried this feature? Do you need Siri or Google Voice active? How does it work?
    06-26-2012 07:23 PM
  2. Newtoandroid99's Avatar
    U just click it and you can do all sorts of cool stuff, u just check what u want. You dont turn anything else on. I love the picture by voice command, it's pretty fun to use. I can't get the answer by voice to work though. I haven't tried the other ones.
    06-26-2012 09:10 PM
  3. eyecon82's Avatar
    How do ee set it up?
    06-29-2012 11:43 PM
  4. JDMDATL's Avatar
    RTFM to get started.
    07-01-2012 02:03 PM
  5. jcp007's Avatar
    I set up mine to handle calls, alarms, and the camera.

    Sent From My Samsung Galaxy S III Handheld Device
    07-01-2012 02:43 PM
  6. beh's Avatar
    Works well for the camera. Haven't really tried any of the other apps yet.
    07-02-2012 12:09 AM