11-29-2014 03:34 PM
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  1. thelastred's Avatar
    Nail -> Head. This isn't an Samsung problem, it's all Apple and now that everyone knows that Apple will sue them into oblivion it's never going to change. What needs to happen is that more 3rd party manufacturers need to produce accessories to work with the S3.
    I think they should make an headphone alliance for pc laptops tablets and phones. That 3rd party companies would most Likely making more headphones.
    10-09-2012 06:21 PM
  2. jamestolle's Avatar
    Your right about them not being cheap bit theyre not good headphones the sound is garbage sure theyre better then 5 dollar headphone but for the price if u compare then to any brand in the same price range such as v-moda ull see the build and sound quality is youe paying for the name with them
    01-03-2013 02:30 PM
  3. Phil Clowes's Avatar
    On a similar note -- does anyone have any advice as to which app would be best to use for playing music and podcasts and have the same facilities that are on the iPhone, ie. pause/fastforward/rewind/stop as well as the mic and volume controls.
    It's a shame that the iPhone has this stuff as standard...
    01-04-2013 10:25 AM
  4. thelastred's Avatar
    I figured I share this soul headphones make samsung in headphones

    Soul model number is sl99s

    Soul sl99s (samsung )

    All headphones I mention work has 3 button and. Mic all 3 buttons work and mic

    -Nokia purity hd and inear
    -htc beats solo and htc urbeats
    - souls SL99s (inear)
    -nocs ns 200h (inear)

    Also just so every one knows Nokia Lumia,Htc Samsung galaxy ,Sony all use Industry-standard headphone jack. So basically that means any headphones that works for one works for all.
    The reason I know is because I tested in AT&T store. I own the Nokia purityhd and htc urbeats.
    05-01-2013 01:09 AM
  5. Phil Bowman's Avatar
    I'd like to know what size resistor to use from mic to ground for a moto x

    I have a moto x that i need to call a conference line then attach a cable to my tablet so the people that call the conference line can hear the recording from my tablet.
    I now have a cable with a 3.5mm trs on one end and i installed a 3.5 mm trrs on the other end with a 1/2 watt 4.7 kohm resistor and ground to s and other end of resistor to r and right to r and left to t which works great sometimes but sometimes I have to wait 10 sec to 60 sec for it to connect.

    I have a HTC one cable made up 3.5mm trs on one end and installed a 3.5mm trrs on other end with 1/2 watt 4.7 kohm resistor to s and ground and other end of resistor to r and right to r and left to t
    and it works instantly every time i plug it in

    I was wondering if moto x needs a different resistor. Can anyone help me
    12-03-2013 04:16 PM
  6. Hayley Flanagan's Avatar
    I own a Samsung Galaxy fame and the Controls on my UR beats don't work
    11-28-2014 02:44 PM
  7. fredd17's Avatar
    I own the Jays headphones and they came out with 3 versions last year... ajays 5... for android, ios and windows I have the galaxy S3 my wife has the S5, one son has the S4 and my youngest has the iPhone 5s and so altogether 3 androids and 1 ios set of headphones and I must say they are all fully functional three button's volume control, pause, play, answer and end phone calls sound quality is top notch also. 😊☺


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    11-29-2014 03:34 PM
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