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    After having the phone a few months I decided it was time to get it setup, since I'd read on these forums you have to have them set it up which turned out to be true. I was on the phone for literally over an hour having them "try" to get it setup right. The first responder clearly was clueless and kept contacting the second level support, to which eventually she transferred me over to a guy to work with from there on - wish she'd done that straight away. Anywho, he had me disable the AT&T Messages app which I'd already disabled before I called and then re-enabled after the first lady told me I need to use that app. I'd downloaded the AT&T Visual Voicemail app initially and it turned out the was the correct app as that is what the second level tech told me to use.

    So, it's all setup now and working well, tested it out and all that. Will be MUCH nicer not having to enter numbers on the keypad and being able to easily rewind and all that like I'd had on my iPhone 3G all them years back. Gotta say though... I was on Verizon with my Droid 2 and while they have their own issues are sooo much better in the support department. I would always get a human without jumping through a dozen menu options and their techs were way more "techy" and knowledgeable where every time I need to call AT&T it's a total nightmare and I already know it will be before calling

    09-13-2012 09:25 PM
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    ATT Message app sucks.. Visual Voicemail should be easy to set up providing the ATT network is running at full speed. I had to have mine installed and then re-installed by ATT due to a conflict with a voice assistant app, Skyvi (which went bye bye afterwards). VVM works well and I agree that it's much like iOS version too. Glad you have it all set up now. I would disable ATT messages though if I were you.
    09-14-2012 01:23 PM

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