09-06-2013 05:52 PM
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  1. Krambed's Avatar
    My wife bought a new Samsung Galaxy S III so I installed the only version of KIES available. When I tried syncing her phone with our Wimdows Vista PC, all it says is Hardware ID not recognized. I've tried EVERYTHING!!! I've uninstalled and reinstalled KIES multiple times & rebooted our computer over and over to no avail. I tried talking her into getting an iPhone like me but she wanted the larger screen. What a PIECE OF SH*T! We can't sync her contacts, her calendar, photos, NOTHING!!!!
    Plus we can't update the OS to Jelly Bean. What a rip off!!!
    I've heard of MyPhoneExplorer and Airdroid.
    Can either of these be used for syncing her phone and updating her OS or is she just scr**ed?
    01-17-2013 03:06 AM
  2. Targon's Avatar
    My wife bought a new Samsung Galaxy S III so I installed the only version of KIES available. When I tried syncing her phone with our Wimdows Vista PC, all it says is Hardware ID not recognized. I've tried EVERYTHING!!! I've uninstalled and reinstalled KIES multiple times & rebooted our computer over and over to no avail. I tried talking her into getting an iPhone like me but she wanted the larger screen. What a PIECE OF SH*T! We can't sync her contacts, her calendar, photos, NOTHING!!!!
    Plus we can't update the OS to Jelly Bean. What a rip off!!!
    I've heard of MyPhoneExplorer and Airdroid.
    Can either of these be used for syncing her phone and updating her OS or is she just scr**ed?
    What do you NEED to sync from a computer? Realistically, most people use Kies for firmware updates, but otherwise will use Kies Air or any of the other apps out there to sync. Many use a gmail account which syncs across without need of a computer, and things like music and such can be transferred with so many different tools, who cares if Kies works or not, again, except for when there is a Kies-only update.
    01-17-2013 08:29 AM
  3. Gayle Stephens's Avatar
    i've been having this same issue for months, almost since i got the phone 10/1... and i did just get the OTA update... was hoping it would be resolved... only recognizes the phone sporadically, for a few minutes at a time. I download lots of mp3 files that i'm having trouble transferring to my phone... and Kies air has never connected my phone to my laptop. not once
    01-18-2013 01:07 AM
  4. mile5's Avatar
    I'm very grateful to dsvendee for the link. it has worked for me using a Galaxy S2 and Windows Vista home premium. Therefore don't be put off by the Driver label of Windows 7 and Galaxy S3. When you run the driver to install it, be patient. It took over half an hour to install.

    Now I need Kies to work properly without having to restart the PC after each use. (I need Kies as the JPG scans & photos that I want on the S2 won't transfer as I get an error message saying "the file ......... has one or more properties outside of device limits. Use a media program to modify it ...." ). Is there another program that will do the modification?

    I have always found Kies very slow and wish that Samsung would provide software that works properly and quickly. I am not going to upgrade again and so avoid wasting hours to find a solution to what seems a simple problem.
    01-23-2013 10:36 AM
  5. ediekang's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Error "HARDWARE ID MISSING" when plugging phone into computer.

    ***<< Kies doesn't support properly Galaxy S3 smart phone. >>>***

    Simple Fix for Windows 7, 64-bit OS:

    1. Use Control Panel to Uninstall all previous Samsung USB Drivers and Kies.
    2. Download Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones v1.5.4.0 from http://3366.te.kr
    3. With the phone disconnected, install Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones v1.5.4.0
    4. Reboot computer.
    5. Plug the usb cable to the phone from computer.
    (you don't have to disconnect from the Internet.)
    6. To make sure the phone connected as a media device (MTP)
    6. Open you computer's windows explore
    7. You can see your phone name under the list of drivers that can manage.
    8. Good to go for copy and paste almost everything, No more Error "HARDWARE ID MISSING"
    01-28-2013 07:11 PM
  6. Cajun_Injun's Avatar
    Thanks for your help, worked like a charm!
    02-02-2013 11:03 AM
  7. mlex08's Avatar
    This worked perfectly, thank you so much!
    02-22-2013 08:21 PM
  8. darkstar111's Avatar
    OK, First post, from an apple user (lets get it out there from the start)

    Right, what am I doing here? - is this a troll? - and am I here to stir up the pot .. Well, Here, because I feel after 3 weeks its time to comment, and no, and no.

    I have spent 5 years with iphone, not because I am a fanboy, but because it worked. This time I came to upgrading my phone, there was a choice of iPhone 5, or the S3. I generally buy the high end, every 2-3 years. Buddies were extolling the virtues of Android, so I figured it was time to "get aquainted" and went out and bought a new Galaxy S3, (Jelly Bean). First thing I can say, is that I cannot fault the phone operation, its look, its feel, and what it does. Its an awesome phone, and I am very impressed.

    I am well used to linux, and don't mind a bit of hacking to get things working. ( though I have resisted the temptation to root my phone just yet ) but I have to say as someone moving over to Android, I have been plagued with niggling USB issues, this one included (the latest of many) All of which seem to be related to Kies, or the Samsung drivers.

    In fact I installed Kies, then removed it after I realised what a total heap of (censored by the politically correct masses) it is. ( please, if anyone is reading this, don't use it. its a **** poor attempt at a half baked "itunesalike" which never really gets off the starting grid. One thing that I have to say, is that in all my time with Apple, IT WORKED. It just worked. This pile of crap that Samsung is peddling goes nowhere to instilling confidence in the new user. Now for a day or so, I admit I was "out of my comfort zone", and spent time going " Meh .... Iphone doesn't do it that way", but to be fair, once I got used to Android, I took to it like a duck to water. I also have grown over the past 3 weeks to love the Galaxy S3. Its light, slim, has a wonderful large Amoled screen, and has a ton of good "stuff" I like.

    I guess because I can make the distinction between android itself, the phone, and the associated software issues, I am not too concerned, and think Android offers a huge degree of customisation, and control unavailable with the "other" format. But to anyone else, who may not get a kick out of problem solving, moving to Android the perception is terrible. I don't know why Samsung cannot create a piece of software that will work seamlessly with windows. It just pisses me right off when I spend a lot of money on a device that is supposed to be a high end product, which in itself is awesome, and is let down by **** poor software.

    Also, just a quick thanks to this community, who I have been avidly reading since my "defection" you have helped me solve many issues. - with USB just not connecting, to using the latest Samsung drivers, to working with kies. Thanks to you all.

    So bottom line, for any new Android users, don't be disheartened. Even from my very limited exposure, I can see Android is cool, looks good, and does what it says on the tin, the S3 is solid, but the connectivity sucks. - Samsung get your finger out, and give your software devs a kick up the ***. get them to develop a piece of software worthy of Android, and the flagship device you are offering. Because right now that is the weak link, and its clouding the perception of an otherwise awesome device. ( all imho of course!!)
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    03-02-2013 03:28 PM
  9. Angela Hewitt's Avatar
    worked a treat for me as well thank you so much dsvendse
    03-04-2013 05:15 AM
  10. LowDownDirtySkynyrdFan's Avatar
    Do you have a fix for Windows Vista users....or are we S.O.L?

    Oh yeah...I have a Note 2.
    03-06-2013 04:41 PM
  11. Sumguy80's Avatar
    I got rid of this problem simply by uninstalling the Kies and Samsung USB drivers. I then downloaded a new copy of the driver for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and right clicked the file after it was downloaded and selected > properties > compatibility tab > (check the box) run in compatibility mode > choose vista (no service pack) and install the driver. I can now manage the files on my S3 from the my computer icon again via copy and paste or however I like!
    03-14-2013 03:43 PM
  12. SpeedChick3's Avatar
    I'm unable to disconnect my pc from the internet without taking every device and computer down with it.

    I just got my Note 2 yesterday so it came with all of these errors. Now I have that Hardware error too.... but disconnecting from the net is NOT possible.

    What's Kies?

    Is there a user manual for this thing?


    Edit: Rewriting! Frustrating. Thanks Samsung. I've re-written the whole thing because when following my own instructions with a Galaxy S2 on a different computer, it still took another hour to iron out connection problems. Ridiculous. The procedure below is good and battle-tested, tedious, somewhat meticulous, and enduring. Others may call it painful. It's not complicated though, so just have LOTS of patience. Sorry, there's no other way, Google isn't going to save you this time. I looked. And spent another hour writing this post so I'd remember what the heck to do in a month when Jellybean is ready for the S2. You're welcome, future me.

    It is exceptionally critical that you have your computer's internet connection disabled to properly install the drivers. I'm using v1.5.14.0 (current, not downloadable yet, is v1.5.16.0), available from Samsung's site (google will get you there).

    A. 1. Keep your phone unplugged from USB
    A. 2. Download Kies (regardless if you have it already)
    A. 3. Download the available Samsung phone drivers, regardless if they are the newest.

    B. 1. Disable your computer network connection. IMPORTANT you're disconnected until further notice.
    B. 2. Android: Settings > Security > Device Administrators. Uncheck and Deactivate "Samsung Kies" to delete the device admin
    B. 3. Android: Settings > Developer options > ENABLE USB Debugging

    C. 1. Uninstall Samsung phone drivers (windows control panel > programs)
    C. 2. Uninstall Kies
    C. 3. Reboot

    D. 1. Reinstall Kies
    D. 2. Uninstall the Samsung phone drivers again.
    D. 3. Reboot if required. Install Samsung drivers you downloaded that will likely be an earlier version.

    E. 1. Connect your phone.
    E. 2. Verify that windows has detected your device without problems. If you are still having problems, twiddling and massaging the process will be required. Go back 2 spaces. Start again at step C.1.
    E. 3. Run Kies. You should not close Kies for the remainder of this procedure, unless you need Kies to re-initialize its detection process. Twiddling.
    E. 4. Go back to device administrators and if you see Samsung Kies, touch it again and note if the button says Activate or Deactivate. If Activate, touch to activate.

    F. 1. Your phone device should be seen in the top left status pane. Generally, if Kies hasn't shown you your device contents/stats and update info in 5-10 seconds, something failed. Twiddling.
    F. 2. Unplug your phone again if not successful and do E.1. again.
    F. 3. Delete the device admin again and do F.1. again. Step backwards through this procedure if the process isn't working. Massage.

    G. 1. NOW enable your network connection.
    G. 2. Exit Kies (re-initialize). Run Kies. Do F.2. again if necessary.
    G. 3. Do NOT update Kies. Skip it. Cancel. The whole process breaks and you will have to start over from scratch.
    G. 4. Let stars align, and behold:

    Your phone will be discovered properly by Windows. Kies will detect your phone properly. It will begin downloading Android updates properly. Everything will install properly.

    For future updates, I expect to have to restart all steps. This is a mainstream device, how can any regular user function like this?

    Samsung - SHAME ON YOU. This was 5 hours of my day yesterday, on top of the many many hours spent over past months and giving up. No end user should be subjected to this kind of abuse. Kies = Shameware. Let me let you in on a hint. My Asus Transformer Infinity tablet does not need additional software to update itself. I go to About Device > Software Update, and guess what? Firmware AND Android updates are available. This is a proper update. Truthfully, that Software Update should be a top-level menu item, not buried in About Device. Google, vendors, are you listening to any of this? AndroidCentral users, and window shoppers, tweet and communicate this post. The Overlords should be made aware.

    Thanks to dsvendse for the original guidance as quoted above. Android 4.1.1 is super-slick on my Galaxy S3 (ATT). Even faster with TV commercial quality speed and response. A handful at least of tier-1 new features, and plenty of secondary. I'm happy to say it was in fact worth the effort to accomplish the upgrade.
    Again, CAN'T disconnect from the internet the way my system is set up. I also have NO CLUE what KIES is? It's not on my pc.... can't uninstall from phone.

    I am about to return this phone.
    03-31-2013 07:51 AM
  13. SpeedChick3's Avatar
    duplicate post, sorry
    03-31-2013 08:03 AM
  14. Remus Sescioreanu's Avatar
    Install drivers from Samsung and connect your SG3 as camera not Media device
    04-07-2013 02:17 PM
  15. Targon's Avatar
    For those who have completely missed it, Samsung KIES is the software that functionally is intended to do what iTunes does for Apple devices. You need to use KIES in some cases in order to update the software on the phone. The software, which is released by Samsung, can be found here:

    The primary reason that many feel locked into KIES is that many of the OS updates are released ONLY on KIES for the first few weeks, or even months before being available as an OTA(over the air) update. Since KIES also provides the drivers for phones/tablets, many people will install it to help sync data to their computer as well.
    04-08-2013 08:22 AM
  16. D Joe's Avatar
    I just want to point out that its a problem with the phones software not Microsoft. Companies like Samsung make products that work on Windows, not the other way around. Windows made an OS, that works great.. and its the job of the other companies to make their products or software work on the OS.
    Oh the Microsoft lacky tunes in. please - "the os that works great" hah what a laugh. It might not be the problem for this phone problems but spare us the accolations on the greatness of Microsoft that has not been innovation or creative with its new OS's since XP.
    06-03-2013 06:42 AM
  17. bigblock517's Avatar
    The link in that post does not work for me.
    06-17-2013 03:32 AM
  18. leftnerve's Avatar
    Solved my problem! Thank you! (the link no longer works but I just googled those drivers and found a link.
    09-06-2013 05:52 PM
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